History Girl

A Proven Track Record

Lackawanna neighbors has a 40 year history of providing rentals and housing to Scranton area residents. Through continuous focus on the beliefs that each neighborhood is unique in what it has to offer and that improving the economic viability of all communities improves the overall economy of a city, Lackawanna Neighbors has been successful in creating neighborhoods in previously undeveloped blocks and rehabilitating older housing stock in the City of Scranton – with over 60 houses revitalized and sold through their efforts in just the past fifteen years.

“Every time Lackawanna Neighbors gets involved with a particular neighborhood, the change is nothing but positive,” said Tom Kane, director of housing, Office of Economic and Community Development. ?Together we’re changing the city of Scranton, but Lackawanna Neighbors is also tremendously impacting area neighborhoods.

“Lackawanna Neighbors Hill neighborhood revitalization project is a lifeline for the proud residents of the Historic Hill section of Scranton”, said Barbara O’Malley, Hill resident. “It is a vehicle for residents, with a new found hope, to unite and work together to bring back their neighborhoods”.